Ibu Harnik orphanage / Tolong Flores Foundation (Indonesia)

Flores, Indonesië

What does this project involve?

The Ibu Harnik orphanage provides for about 42 orphans. Shoestring contributes towards the purchase of school uniforms, school bags and shoes for the children. We also support, in collaboration with our local agent, "Tolong Flores", a foundation set up by a group of our travellers and dedicated to the improvement of teaching in the schools of Flores.

Where do the donations go to?

Our contribution will be used for the purchase of a variety of items including school uniforms, school bags and shoes. The Tolong Flores foundation will use this contribution for school materials for the school in Gorontalo. From 2016 a larger share of the contribution will go toward the development of teachers. This will be achieved, for example, through the provision of computer courses and the training of an English teacher.


Noreen Tatuhey

Noreen Tatuhey

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Help this local project by donating via bank transfer. There are no extra costs for this donation, so your full donated amount will be spent on the project's needs.