New Day Foster Home (China)

Beijing, China

What does this project involve?

The New Day Foster Home is located in Qingyundian Town, a suburb of Beijing. In addition to taking in orphaned children, the home also takes care of children whose lives are in danger. The project relies largely on the help of volunteers.

Where do the donations go to?

Our donations are used for liver transplants, blood transfusions and other costly operations.

Latest update

Andrea was abandoned by the gate of a local government building in July 2015. She was born with thalassemia (an inherited blood disorder) and needs regular blood transfusions and other special help that the New Day Foster Home can give her with the aid of our donation.

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Victor Eekhof

Victor Eekhof

Jan Middelhoek

Jan Middelhoek

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Help this local project by donating via bank transfer. There are no extra costs for this donation, so your full donated amount will be spent on the project's needs.