All of our efforts and activities in the field of sustainability bundled in one place! This is the purpose of this website. Through our different travel brands, we strive to maximise the potential for the green nature of our trips and reduce the negative effects.

Staying at home: the real sustainable choice 

Of course, we don't have to tell you that travelling is fantastic. Moreover, it doesn't have to be damaging if you do it the right way. For every trip we organise, we aim for the minimum negative impact on the climate and maximum positive impact on the local environment. For example, we compensate 125% of the CO2 emissions from your entire trip as standard, we support various local projects and you sleep in special places that we have selected with care.

We make it easy for you to contribute by increasing your sustainability impact before and during your journey. Together we can make sustainable travel possible. Help us to improve the world, adventure after adventure.

Simply staying at home is naturally the most sustainable choice for our planet.  We are sure that you want to experience the world with your own senses however! Then choose a trip with Koning Aap, Shoestring or YourWay2GO and be safe in the knowledge that you will travel with the most sustainable travel organisation in the Netherlands and Belgium!

Why this website?

Through this platform, you can see which local projects we (financially) support and what we do to offset the CO2 emissions of our trips. In addition, the blog section of the site is full of articles, the latest developments, results and recommendations. For example, find out about what you can do to travel greener. You can also find details of prizes we have won and certificates achieved. An environmental program has been prepared with all sorts of practical measures and clear agreements with our local agents.

We all know that travelling and especially flying is not very good for the world. When we do travel, we must take into account the environment, people, nature and culture so that travel remains possible in the future. Take an active role in this! Support our projects and send your comments to us if you have encountered an animal-unfriendly excursion during a trip. This site will inspire you to get more out of your travels.


We try to organise our trips as sustainably as possible. However, this is easier said than done. To prevent misunderstandings, we hereby describe the preconditions within which we organise our trips.

We remain a travel organisation that organises trips to destinations within and outside of Europe. That means that we continue to use international flights, now and in the future. We do, however, try to limit the negative effects of this as much as possible by promoting non-stop flights, offering destinations in Europe that are accessible by train and also by reducing flights in the destination itself.

Naturally, we also continue to strive to make a healthy profit. Without profit, we have no basis to exist. This gives us plenty to consider and often trade-offs have to be made when taking both sustainability and commerciality into account. For example, from a sustainability point of view, it may be better to travel by public bus from Cuzco to Lima (Peru) instead of using a domestic flight. However, the 17-hour night bus along deep canyons will, for many travellers, be a step too far. In this scenario, we make a customer-oriented and commercial decision by using the domestic flight. We have to make these kinds of assessments on a daily basis, while striking a good balance between sustainability and commerce. We want to share these considerations with you in a transparent way.

We want to become the most sustainable travel organisation in Europe (or even the world). It goes without saying that we are certainly not there yet and still have a (long) way to go. We can improve greatly on a number of topics. We want to take many drastic measures in the short term to achieve this goal. For some of you, these steps will not go far enough and implementation will be too slow. That is unavoidable. Within the framework in which we work and in comparison with other travel organisations however, these will be major steps. We would also love to hear your comments in order to improve further still.

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Who are we?

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Koning Aap has more than 30 years’ experience offering adventure travel in small groups to a wide range of fascinating destinations. The Koning Aap traveller is looking for new cultures, local encounters and special landscapes.

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Shoestring is a young, dynamic travel organisation full of knowledge about all corners of the world. You travel in small groups with plenty of individual freedom. It’s all about fun, adventure and freedom with Shoestring! Go further!

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YourWay2GO is your travel specialists for individual trips. The travel philosophy here is that everyone should be free to put together the trip that suits them best. Using a choice of different travel modules you can realise your ultimate dream journey.

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