All of our efforts and activities in the field of sustainability bundled in one place! This is the purpose of this website. Through our different travel brands, we strive to maximise the potential for the green nature of our trips and reduce the negative effects.


Who are we?

Koning Aap

Koning Aap has more than 30 years’ experience offering adventure travel in small groups to a wide range of fascinating destinations. The Koning Aap traveller is looking for new cultures, local encounters and special landscapes.

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Shoestring is a young, dynamic travel organisation full of knowledge about all corners of the world. You travel in small groups with plenty of individual freedom. It’s all about fun, adventure and freedom with Shoestring! Go further!

Shoestring also offer tailor made holidays which allow you to compose your own personal itinerary directly with our local agent. Create the trip you wish for and have maximum flexibility.

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YourWay2GO is your travel specialists for individual trips. The travel philosophy here is that everyone should be free to put together the trip that suits them best. Using a choice of different travel modules you can realise your ultimate dream journey.

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Why this website?

Through this platform, you can see which local projects we (financially) support and what we do to offset the CO2 emissions of our trips. In addition, the blog section of the site is full of articles, the latest developments, results and recommendations. For example, find out about what you can do to travel greener. You can also find details of prizes we have won and certificates achieved. An environmental program has been prepared with all sorts of practical measures and clear agreements with our local agents.

We all know that travelling and especially flying is not very good for the world. When we do travel, we must take into account the environment, people, nature and culture so that travel remains possible in the future. Take an active role in this! Support our projects and send your comments to us if you have encountered an animal-unfriendly excursion during a trip. This site will inspire you to get more out of your travels.

Our mission

As a provider of adventurous tours to far destinations we find it of great importance to reduce the pressure that tourism exerts on the natural and social environment of our destinations. Our mission is to acquire more and better sustainability in our business. We are a company that strives for continuous improvement in responsible travel. We regularly scrutinise our own products/practices and we participate in projects seeking sustainable solutions.

Check out our results in terms of sustainability

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