Topmember The Code – ECPAT

Klaartje Geerts
Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Topmember The Code – ECPAT

Koning Aap, Shoestring & YourWay2GO have been actively committed to raising awareness and preventing child sex tourism for years. We are proud to announce that we have been named Top member of the Tourism Child Protection Code of Conduct.

The Code is a travel industry code of conduct designed to protect children from sexual exploitation and combat child sex tourism by creating a well-informed tourism chain and educating staff to recognise and prevent child sex tourism, creating an environment in which child sex tourists are not tolerated. The Code is for both small and large companies in tourism; from tour operators and hotels to airlines, restaurants and nightclubs. Defence for Children - ECPAT is the local partner in the Netherlands for Dutch travel organisations that sign this code and offers support in its implementation.

“We organise trips to many countries, including those where child abuse and sex tourism occur. By signing The Code, we put this topic on the agenda and highlight its importance with our travellers and local partners."

In 2013 and again in 2017 we signed the Tourism Child Protection Code together with Defence for Children - ECPAT. We have committed ourselves to actively contribute to protecting children from sexual exploitation in holiday destinations and raising awareness about this subject. Only organisations that actively campaign against child sex tourism according to certain criteria (see below) receive Top Member status with The Code.

 Conscious travel and children’s rights - How can you help?

During your trip, you will meet beautiful children who are very photogenic. However, the living conditions of the children may not be good and even worrying. For example, you may encounter children begging for money or children who have to work for family income. Do not give money to these children. By giving them money, you keep it going and they don't go to school. After all, they yield more if they beg or work. Moreover, gang leaders usually take the money. If you want to help these children, instead support an organisation that helps children to go to school. Children are also victims of sexual exploitation due to poverty. According to the UN Children's Rights Treaty, all children must be protected against all forms of trafficking, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

If you witness a suspicious situation regarding sexual abuse of a minor during your trip, you can report this (anonymously) via their website

As Defence for Children & ECPAT Netherlands say: “Be alert and report suspicions of child sex tourism!”