Clean Beach Cup 2019

Klaartje Geerts
Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Clean Beach Cup 2019

This year, the Belgian team of YourWay2GO & Koning Aap participated in the Clean Beach Cup 2019. Together with 7500 volunteers, they worked their way along the beach at Bredene, cleaning as they went. It was a big success!

During the tenth edition of the Eneco Clean Beach Cup last Sunday, a large contingent of volunteers cleaned up a stretch of the Belgian coast. Together with Eneco and 17 Belgian surf clubs, our colleagues helped in ridding the beach of unwanted waste.

 Why this Eneco initiative?

 "Every year in the North Sea alone, 150 million plastic bags and other pieces of junk are found floating about. On top of this, 20,000 tonnes of waste is annually dumped in our small sea too. Cleaning up the sea is impossible but 80 percent of the beach waste is washed ashore from the sea. By wiping the coastline clean we demonstrate this huge problem and hope to make everyone aware, consumers and policy makers alike because the tide has unfortunately not yet turned".


Our colleagues have had a pleasant and particularly productive day! The weather showed its best side and under a bright sun, they were able to collect no less than 14.4 kilograms of waste from the beach. In total, around 11.5 tonnes of litter was collected this year. What a great result! By comparison, last year 4000 volunteers collected 5.5 tonnes of waste.