MiCuba hospital initiative

Brigit van Luijk
Wednesday, June 10, 2020

MiCuba hospital initiative

The corona virus has an impact on everyone ... In predominantly closed Cuba, there is now a decrease in the supply of goods and local guides and entrepreneurs no longer have a job because tourism has stopped. They are hit hard.

Fortunately, great initiatives are being set up during these times in order to help with the situation.

Our local agent "MiCuba", together with "Cubanos and Holanda" has come up with a great idea! They are committed to helping to organise and then send a container to Cuba. Unfortunately, the country itself currently has limited access to raw materials, instruments, equipment and other items that are vital to fighting this crisis. MiCuba will send a container of essential items to the hospitals treating the covid-19 patients. These items include sheets, towels and various cleaning supplies and equipment that they cannot easily get themselves.


Koning Aap, Shoestring and YourWay2GO started collecting and filling boxes with cleaning stuff etc. On Monday May 25th, Brigit and Rosanne from YourWay2GO filled a car together with members from the MiCuba team and delivered the boxes to the MiCuba office in Amsterdam. MiCuba owner Julio gratefully received all the items. A list was made of all the items and the corresponding values (for customs). Together with Julio, we chat about the current situation and there is time for a relaxing game of table tennis.

Over € 2000 has already been donated to the cause!

On June 12th, the collected items were brought to the container to depart for Cuba. Hopefully, the hospitals will soon be restocked to the point that everyone can get the healthcare they need! Together we make the difference!