School for kids in Lombok

Ellen Bulthuis
Wednesday, March 28, 2018

School for kids in Lombok

In 2016 during his journey on the islands of Bali and Lombok Wessel Scheer met one of our tourguides, Usman. He set up a school to educate children of his village in Lombok.

At that time Usman was already very enthusiastic about his plans and ideas to start a school in his own little village Bonjeruk in Central Lombok, Indonesia. His motto is "Knowledge is the Future" and therefore he is looking for possibilities to teach the children the English language. Besides that he wants to offer all kind of other lessons like reading, writing, math, physics, history etc. in order to give them a better future. Usman will be one of the teachers himself. Usman is also aware of the pollution (plastics) on the islands of Bali and Lombok. To tacle this problems he want to create more awareness with the children. 


Quote Usman

"Actually there are many orphans and children from poor families in my village. I would like to start with some of them according to the room capacity we have... It is always been my dream to give my time, energy and knowledge to my society. We would like to help as many children as possible and contribute to the future of our children here in my village.. My motto is that there should be no obstacles to study. We take away these obstacles and find a way to educate. Something that always motivated me is that these children are very enthusiastic and motivated to study. I can see the potential here is in my village. This is what makes me fight for their education..."

The goal of this project is to offer FREE education to the orphans and poor children in his village. 

As a travelguide Usman always got a tip at the end of a round-trip. Over the last 4 years he collected this money which finally enabled him to start with the building. The two level stone western style building will have a size of 5.5 x 11 meters. Usman gets a lot of support from his family and village people and a bit of help from the local goverment.

His plan is to start with 15 orphans and 10 of the poor children according to the size of the current accomodation.

At this moment Usman rents an accomodation and already started lessons. Proof of his power, energy and willingness to make this project a success.

80% of the school and building is already paid for; quite an achievement! At this moment the money to finalize the building is missing. Thereafter Usman needs to buy furniture, materials, two ventilators, a simple TV and DVD player.

Usman achieved a lot on his own but for the last few steps he needs your help!
For more information on how to donate, please contact us at: [email protected]