Taste the local culture with ResiRest

Taste the local culture with ResiRest

Food has an important place in all cultures. If you really want to experience a country, you should literally take a look in the kitchen. Families the world over are opening their doors to you. Prepare a meal together before eating with the family. This way you get to know the real culture, away from the well-beaten tourist paths!

ResiRest is a social impact organisation that arranges meetings between travellers and local families worldwide. 'Doing some good' while travelling has never been so much fun (nor as tasty!).

ResiRest and their commitment

ResiRest is committed to an inclusive type of tourism. They make local families visible that otherwise remain invisible to visitors. Travellers get to meet a local family and enjoy a delicious meal together at the family's home. Your "host family" really enjoy to welcome foreign people and for them to experience their culture. They can also use the (financial) support. By eating a meal together with a family in their home, you immediately feel the warm hospitality. In addition to great food, the intimate setting also allows for exchange of personal stories, which is always nice. In the meantime, enjoy an authentic dish, often based on old family recipes. Do you like to help with cooking? Check with the host/hostess, as often they are happy to have the help!


How does it work?

ResiRest champions fair tourism. The local families receive fair recompense for the meals they prepare. They work under the motto "trade not aid". By booking a tour that includes a meal through ResiRest, you are already helping. A unique experience for you as a traveller and a helping hand for the local family. Do you find it important to support the local population during your journey? Of course, as do we! That is why we have entered into a partnership with ResiRest and more and more of our tours include lunch or dinner with a local family.

Koning Aap, Shoestring, YourWay2GO and ResiRest are working together to offer this experience in as many of our journeys as possible. We have started in Colombia, Cambodia, Morocco, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, among others. We hope to be able to grow the number of destinations in which we offer a meal through Resirest as quickly as possible.


 Are you interested in tasting great food and meeting locals while travelling? Then eating with a local family will probably be one of the highlights of your tour!