Thailand says NO to plastic bags

Nausikaa Luyckx
Thursday, January 16, 2020

Thailand says NO to plastic bags

From now on, single-use plastic bags are no longer allowed in Thailand. That is clearly a good decision and it will encourage many local people to change their habits, an important step!

Plastic waste is becoming a bigger problem. This is nothing new! More and more countries and projects are trying to combat the mountains of plastic waste and greatly reduce the use of plastic!

Banning plastic bags is a small step but a good start in the run-up to bigger challenges. This step is an important initiative that will make Thailand a responsible user of plastic in the future.

The days when you return home having done your shopping and throw away your plastic bags after use, are a thing of the past. From now on, people will have to bring their own bag with them when they go shopping. The local people are creative and will certainly find ways to adjust. There are already stores where you can take your fresh products home wrapped in banana leaves; we can only encourage this!

When you travel to Thailand, you can very easily help to reduce the volume of plastic waste. What can I do?


Take your own refillable bottle & reusable bag! Say no to (free) plastic bottles, bags, straws & cosmetic products offered in hotels. This way you save a lot of unnecessary plastic waste during your trip and you contribute to a cleaner world!