De Corcovado Foundation (Costa Rica)

Drake Bay, Costa Rica

What does this project involve?

The Corcovado Foundation organizes several projects in the Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica. The foundation was founded by residents of the park concerned with stopping the illegal hunting and logging there. It promotes environmental education and defends the rights of local communities.

Where do the donations go to?

In 2015, the donations were used for the maintenance of the turtle camp where volunteers involved in this project, will stay. The building is close to the beach and is built of wood, which requires a lot of maintenance. Wood and aluminum must be replaced and two bathrooms and showers are to be added.

In 2016 & 2017, our donation was mainly used for educational projects in local communities:

- The environmental education program reached 325 children from 22 schools, who received a lesson every 2 months.

- 82 teachers received training in environmental education, to teach children how to treat the environment more respectfully.

- We worked with 68 teenagers across 3 workshops to find ways to stop violence against women and children. In addition, they received sex education.

- 6 groups of children were formed, meeting weekly in 4 different communities and supporting, (among other things), beach and river clean-up operations. 

In 2018 we continue to sponsor the environmental education program. In particular, money is spent on materials (paper, scissors, glue) and transport, so that children from different communities can come together for workshops and festivals. Sometimes the children go camping, where they learn about nature for two days and immediately put into practice what they have already learned. Transportation is actually the largest beneficiary of our financial support here. 

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In 2019 our donation will go back to the Sea Turtle Conservation Project. The foundation continues to operate on the Osa Peninsula, but this year they are starting a new location in the Playa Hermosa National Wildlife Refuge. The donation is therefore specially used to build a camp for volunteers.

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Marisa Luijks

Marisa Luijks

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