New Day Foster Home (China)

Beijing, China

What does this project involve?

The New Day Foster Home is located in Qingyundian Town, a suburb of Beijing. In addition to taking in orphaned children, the home also takes care of children whose lives are in danger and are in need of vital operations. The project relies largely on the help of volunteers to care for the children and to perform the surgeries.

Where do the donations go to?

Our donations are used for liver transplants, blood transfusions and other costly operations.

Andrea was abandoned by the gate of a local government building in July 2015. She was born with thalassemia (an inherited blood disorder) and needed regular blood transfusions and other special help that the New Day Foster Home could give her with the aid of our donation.

With our 2016 donation, we helped Freddy. He needed orthopedic surgery to set his foot straight.

In 2017, Abner, a one-year-old boy, had to undergo open-heart surgery. Now that the operation is concluded, his foster mother writes the following: "Abner is a lively and sweet little boy, who sees everything that happens around him. He can clearly distinguish his mother's facial expressions, who is family and who is not. In addition, he can also remember several familiar faces. He understands what his sister says and follows her instructions. His fingers are flexible, allowing him to pick up small things from the ground."

With our 2018 donation, we helped Lydia. Since her birth, she has been seriously ill and has remained in the hospital. Against all odds, she is now doing well. She is well looked after and is a happy girl! She recently celebrated her first birthday.

With our 2019 donation, some salaries were paid from the care staff to provide the children in the New Day Foster home with even better care.

Since supporting the New Day Foster Home, dozens of surgeries have been performed on children who were in life-threatening situations, or for whom the operation changed their lives. In addition, 23 children have been adopted.

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Marisa Luijks

Marisa Luijks

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