Shree Pancha Kanya School (Nepal)

Nuwakot, Nepal

What does this project involve?

Our local agent in Nepal helps a number of schools with costs for teachers, libraries and computers. The major earthquake in April 2015 caused great damage so all donations after that were used for the reconstruction of the school building. 

Where do the donations go to?

We have supported this project by contributing towards the cost of upkeep for windows/window frames at Shree Pancha Kanya School. It's hard to study when it's cold and wet! The furniture here (old and in poor condition) deserves more attention in the coming years. This high school has about 700 children, aged 6 to 16 years.

The donations were used in 2017 for the reconstruction of the school building. The major earthquake in April 2015 caused great damage making the need for donations still pressing!

In 2018 en 2019, our donation was again used for the construction of the school. Doors, frames, windows and paint were all purchased. In addition, the necessary electrical work, painting, plastering and installation of walls, pillars, ceilings and a toilet has all been carried out.


Marisa Luijks

Marisa Luijks

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Help this local project by donating via bank transfer. There are no extra costs for this donation, so your full donated amount will be spent on the project's needs.